Edward Worlledge Enrichment Passports!

30th October 2019

We are placing importance on the fact that all learning which is undertaken by pupils is important! We are encouraging children to try and gain an Edward Worlledge OA Diploma in Extra Curricular Activities.

For children in Years 1 to 6, you will have now seen their Edward Worlledge enrichment passport. They can chose to keep it at home or in their locker at the academy – they all have their own special plastic wallet, to keep it neat and tidy.

They can aim towards one of the three brackets:-

  • Bronze – 200 hours
  • Silver – 300 hours
  • Gold – 400 hours

They can earn their hours through a variety of activities:-

  • EWOA after-school enrichment clubs – get your passport signed by the club leader
  • Out of academy clubs e.g. swimming, karate, guides, scouts, football etc – you will need to have some evidence to get your passport signed. This could include:- a note from the club leader, photograph or receipt.
  • Family outings e.g. trips to the zoo, sealife centre, time and tide museum ect.

We are running the passports for the whole of this academic year and there will be an award ceremony in July 2020.

All passports come with a “moments to be proud of” section, where pupils can write down or draw some of their favourite memories.

If you have any questions, please contact the academy office.


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