Studying mathematics is a step towards understanding the world around us. It provides us with the fundamental knowledge and skills to deal with everyday life (managing money, accessing timetables, cooking to name just a few) and links closely to science and technology.

Through mathematical activity we can inspire pupils to achieve their very best, providing them with opportunities to enrich their understanding, having the ambition to succeed, while preparing them to access life in the wider community.

Our Intent is:

  • To develop lifelong learners in mathematics.
  • Provide a mastery curriculum – developing a deeper understanding where all children are challenged and develop resilience while continually learning.

Mastery is…

  • The ability to use and apply maths skills independently;
  • An increasing curiosity when problem solving;
  • Opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding;

We develop…

  • Children who are fluent in number (using number bonds, times tables and place value effectively);
  • Children who are able to reason (following a line of enquiry, developing an argument and justifying their point with appropriate vocabulary;
  • Independence and collaboration, working together and facilitating dialogue;
  • A worthwhile and stimulating curriculum.

Our Implementation:

Our staff address the National Curriculum coverage through the use of Effective Maths.

Effective Maths is a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics. It is a comprehensive framework for ensuring high quality maths teaching. This has been adopted by us to give structured support to non-specialists. We can then ensure every child achieves his or her potential as a result of expert teaching by well-trained and supported teachers.

We also encourage learning through several online platforms such as Sumdog and TTRockstars, both of which can be accessed at home.

Our Impact

Assessment of learning takes place both during and following lessons to plan effectively for next steps. Timely formal assessment is also carried out throughout the year, including question level analysis to identify progress and the need for any revisiting for individuals, groups or a whole class.

The impact of the mathematics curriculum looks at both the attainment and progress of each child with the aim they will achieve the ‘Expected’ or ‘Higher’ national standard and will make positive progress points from previous assessments.

The Maths Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, Norfolk County Provision and the Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy Curriculum intent of Choice and Opportunity.

Maths Curriculum