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So we are in another National Lockdown – do not despair or lose hope. Do not be afraid as we have resilience!

This is an opportunity to support all of us to support and help each other and show what amazing people we are.

Staff in the school, like all of you, have worked hard and given so much during a pandemic that has affected all.

The school has prepared greatly to ensure that your child can access and progress through Remote Learning.

We have provided:

  • Your child’s logins for our Digital Platforms; Seesaw, DB Primary and Microsoft 365 and TEAMS
  • Your child has access to a number of quality online learning resources including TTRockstars, Renaissance Reading and MyOn. Please also see the Curriculum page on our website.
  • A Parent Guide on Remote Learning which includes how we meet Government expectations and how you can support your child at home (Remote/Blended Learning Page on Website)
  • A timetable for each week which has been given to your child by their class teacher
  • Paper packs for those who need it and our Curriculum page on this website shows what is taught in every subject area and has useful links to extend your child’s learning beyond the classroom. The Remote/Blended Learning page on this website will also help support your child at home
  • The Parent Guide also gives useful advice if you are having difficulties, Safeguarding guidance, SEND guidance and wellbeing guidance.

I hope you find this useful and I thank all the pupils, parents and staff for working so hard to make this provision possible and supporting our children so they don’t miss out and they have an equal opportunity to access their education. We all have a responsibility to engage positively to make sure our children do not have any more gaps in their education!

Please push your child to achieve more and not give up – let’s not put limits on our children – let them compete fairly with every other child in the country and the world!

We have had some lovely messages from Parents, Carers and pupils during this time – have a read on our Parent Feedback Page

Please let us know if you need any support during this difficult time.

We say in school, If one fails – we all fail!

Stay safe and look after yourselves.

Ms Sashi Siva
Interim Principal

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