History is not just about knowing dates and names, but it is more about the importance of learning from mistakes and successes of those who lived before us. 

At Edward Worlledge, every year group will take a trip back in time, to important events and eras that have impacted on our modern life. As the children make their way through school, they will be able to travel through time to as far back as the stone age, all the way through to very recent events.  The children will gain skills to help them make key decisions of their own; they will have to think like the heroes or villains of history and imagine making the difficult decisions that these key figures also had to make.

We cannot wait to hear if Year 1 would want to live in a castle, or if Year 2 would survive the Great Fire of London. We are really interested in knowing whether Year 3 would make excellent cowboys, and if Year 4 would choose to be a Roman, Saxon or Viking? Will year 5 survive living as a Tudor, or even want to be one of Henry VIII’s wives? Year 6 – will they make decisions that could have saved the Titanic? Would many sign up to fight in the trenches of World War One, or even make suggestions to get Neil Armstrong to the moon sooner?
With modern inventions, do you think that these events would be different?

The exciting part of history is that every decision made, every action taken becomes a new moment in our changing history: Many successes and disasters have come before us. Hopefully the decisions of those from the past will play a huge part in the direction our future takes. To you, the children of Edward Worlledge (the next key figures in history) use the past to help you drive your future.

History Curriculum

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Geography has become almost a historical subject in itself. Nowadays, we live in world where computers can tell us how to get from A to B; how quickly we will get there and even what the weather will be like when we arrive, but what happens if your battery runs out? Well panic no more, the children at Edward Worlledge will rescue you. With their newly learned skills in map reading, weather patterns and geographical awareness, these children will be ‘the even-better sat-navs’ of our time.

Whilst at Edward Worlledge, the children will travel across cities, counties and countries. They will travel over continents and oceans, whilst always thinking about where they live. Whether using an electronic map, or a trusty old Ordnance survey chart, the children will be able to direct you from location to location, and will be able to explain the processes they are going through and the decisions that they are making.  By the time children leave year 6, they will have navigated around the world, avoided “dangerous weathers” and will even be able to suggest the best locations to grow the best crops (including chocolate.) So get ready to turn your sat-navs off, put google maps on hold, and instead pick up a map and let the children of Edward Worlledge take you around the world.

Geography Curriculum

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