Year 4

A typical day in Year 4

8.30-8.50 am Arrival

Pupils arrive in class and hand in reading records. These are checked by an adult and a raffle ticket issued to those children who have their record signed.  Children independently complete the morning challenge which focuses on 4 arithmetic style maths questions.

9.05-9.55 Main maths lesson

The principal focus is to ensure pupils extend their understanding of number (place value, the four operations, fraction and decimals) as well as developing an understanding of shape and measure. Pupils have access to resources such as place value counters, Base10 and place value grids to support their learning and taught to access these with increasing independence.

9.55-10.10 Just Know Its

Children practice their rapid recall of key facts including number bonds to 10, addition of numbers below 20 and multiplication facts to 12×12.


During this time, children independently read their accelerated books. When children have completed their book they quiz and are able to change their book for the appropriate level.  Children are encouraged to read a range of books including fiction and non-fiction.

10.30-10.45 BREAK
10.45-11.15 Domain Reading

Pupils are exposed to quality texts to support their reading into writing model. Key strategies are taught including retrieval of information, understanding the meaning of words in context and summarising a text.

11.15-12.10 English

Pupils begin the lesson with test style SPaG questions. These will be appropriate to the text type for that week.  Children are then exposed to high quality examples of the text type they will be expected to write.  This allows them to identify key features in the planning process.  Children independently draft before being supported to edit their writing.

12.10-1.00 LUNCH
Monday: History/ PSHE

History: Children learn about the Anglo- Saxon era of history with a range of activities including art, writing and ICT.

PSHE: Children are taught to engage in challenging discussions around Anti-bullying and Keeping Myself Safe.


Tuesday: Maths (Multiplication focus)

Children practice their multiplication facts before having access to Timetables Rockstars to improve the speed recall of their multiplication facts. Children have the opportunity to earn 3 marbles for improving their Soundcheck score.


Wednesday: P.E. / MFL

PE: Children are exposed to a range of physical activity, understanding the importance of exercise and understanding the names and roles of key muscles.

MFL: Children learn simple phrases in French through a range of songs, activities and oral practice.


Thursday: Science

We develop our scientific thinking through practical experiments and understanding the science that accompanies this. Children are encouraged to predict and question during these sessions to better understand what they are learning.


Friday: Art/ WAPPA

Art: Art is based on the topic we are learning about and teaches children key skills in sketching, painting and sculpture. They are also exposed a range of artists throughout history to understand their influences and techniques.

WAPPA: Children celebrate the successes of their peers through the Golden Book Assembly. They are also rewarded for 100% attendance through the OATCoin system and for earning the most marbles in their House Teams.



Each week, children will be given the choice of 2 activities.

They can either spend 30 minutes Timestables Rockstars or complete a written multiplication activity.  If choosing to use Timestables Rockstars, they can use the Soundcheck or Garage session.  There will be a record for you to sign after children have completed their sessions.  This time can be split over the week or completed in one session- however works best for you.


Children will be given their weekly spellings to learn before the test on Friday.  It is expected that the children practise these throughout the week in a ways that work for them.  There are some helpful activities attached and children have their literacy planet log on too.  They can input spellings onto this which provides fun games to help learn their spellings.


Please remember to keep reading with your child at least 3 times a week as part of their expected homework.  It is important that children read and discuss what they are reading to ensure understanding.  When children have their reading record signed, they are entered into the reading raffle for the chance to win a book weekly.