Year 4

A day in the life of Year 4

9am- Arrival and morning registration

Pupils arrive in class and hand in reading records. These are checked by an adult and a raffle ticket issued to those children who have their record signed.  Children independently complete the morning challenge which focuses on 4 arithmetic style maths questions.

9.10-10.30 English

Pupils begin the lesson with spelling practice. Three days of the week this focuses on Year 4 spelling rules and the remaining two days we focus on the Year 3/4 Statutory Spellings.  This is followed by a grammar activity.  The grammar objectives will be appropriate to the text type for that week.  Children are then exposed to high quality examples of the text type they will be expected to write.  This allows them to identify key features in the planning process.  Children independently draft before being supported to edit their writing.  Pupils are exposed to quality texts to support their reading into writing model. Key strategies are taught including retrieval of information, understanding the meaning of words in context and summarising a text.

10.30-10.45 BREAK

10.45-12.10 Maths

The principal focus is to ensure pupils extend their understanding of number (place value, the four operations, fraction and decimals) as well as developing an understanding of shape and measure. Pupils have access to resources such as place value counters, Base10 and place value grids to support their learning and taught to access these with increasing independence.

12.10-1.00 LUNCH

1-3pm Foundation subjects:


History: Children learn about the Ancient Greeks through a range of activities including art, writing and ICT.

Geography: Children will understand how volcanoes are formed, why they erupt and how life has adapted to volcanic environments.

PSHE: Children are taught to engage in challenging discussions about respect, falling out and making up. Following this, children will learn about nutrition and dental health with the aim of allowing them to understand how to make healthy choices.

PE: Children are exposed to a range of physical activity, understanding the importance of exercise and understanding the names and roles of key muscles.

MFL: Children learn simple phrases in French through a range of songs, activities and oral practice.

Science: We develop our scientific thinking through practical experiments and understanding the science that accompanies this. Children are encouraged to predict and question during these sessions to better understand what they are learning.

Art: Art is based on the topic we are learning about and teaches children key skills in sketching, painting and sculpture. They are also exposed a range of artists throughout history to understand their influences and techniques.

Computing: We are focusing on digital literacy with a specific focus on composing and sending emails.  We will continue to develop our skills in using online platforms such as dB Primary.