Code of behaviour

We have introduced a revised behaviour system call “Flying High”. The pupils and staff have given very positive feedback so far. This system is based on a on a Rocket with the following categories, which allows support to be asked for or given when necessary.

Flying High – above and beyond what is expected – reaching the stars

On Course – behaving as expected

Warning Lights – seek help/accept help to get back on course

Engine Trouble – seek help/accept help to get back on course/staff intervene to give help

This system focuses on the support and help that is needed when a child misbehaves as we know that unacceptable behaviour is usually a symptom of an underlying problem.

Every Friday, we award a Flying High certificate to 3 pupils in every class.

The categories are – Learning, Community and Highest number of marbles/dojos.

Everyone has the right to:

  • feel safe, cared for and respected
  • be able to learn to the best of his/her ability and to develop whatever skills he/she possesses
  • be treated equally irrespective of gender, race, physical characteristics or any other factors
  • learn and play with out disruption.

Everyone is expected to:

  • be responsible for their own behaviour
  • respect the rights of others.

We say “no to bullying”, whether verbal or physical; it has no place in our school. We ask for all parents and pupils to help us by reporting immediately any incidents so that we can deal firmly and fairly with any bullies, involving parents if appropriate.