Recent letters

Summer Term Letters

27/05/2022 –  Principal’s Newsletter

19/05/2022Jubilee Celebrations!

13/05/2022Reception – Summer Term 1

13/05/2022Colney & Trowse – Summer Term 1&2

13/05/2022Brundall – Summer Term 1&2

13/05/2022Year 3 – Summer Term 2

13/05/2022Year 4 – Summer Term 1&2

13/05/2022Year 5 – Summer Term 1

13/05/2022Year 6 – Summer Term 2

06/05/2022Principal’s Newsletter

05/05/2022Year 6 SATs information (Inc. SATs breakfast)

29/04/2022Principal’s Newsletter

22/04/2022Principal’s Newsletter

Spring Term Letters

01/04/2022Year 6 SATs – preparing to perform

01/04/2022Principal’s Newsletter

25/03/2022Principal’s Newsletter

15/03/2022NSPCC – Speak Out, Stay Safe

15/03/2022Reception H&W, V&H – opt out form

15/03/2022Reception H&W, V&H – Data Collection Information

11/03/2022Principal’s Newsletter

08/03/2022Bikeability Year 3 & 4

04/03/2022Year 5 Additional Support

04/03/2022Principal’s Newsletter

04/03/2022Job advert – MSA role

02/03/2022Year 2 Brundall – Accelerated Reader

03/03/2022World Book Day – design a token competition

03/03/2022Norfolk BIG Holiday Fun (FSM pupils)

28/02/2022Cross County Competition (specific pupils)

24/02/2022Year 6 SATs Club

21/02/2022World Book Day

21/02/2022Year 6 RSE letter

11/02/2022Principal’s Newsletter

11/02/2022RESET Parent Flyer

04/02/2022 – NSPCC Numbers Day

14/01/2022 – Principal’s Newsletter

10/01/2022 – Principal’s Newsletter

Autumn Term Letters

17/12/2021Principal’s Newsletter

29/11/2021Christmas Dates

19/11/2021Whitwell Residential Trip

19/11/2021Horstead Residential Trip

18/11/2021Sports Festival

05/11/2021Principal’s Newsletter

02/11/2021Uniform Flyer

01/11/2021Harry Potter Day

22/10/2021Principal’s Newsletter

15/10/2021Principal’s Newsletter

13/10/2021Parent Governor Letter

08/10/2021Principal’s Newsletter

06/10/2021Year 4 Roman Workshop

01/10/2021Haven Trip Letter

29/09/2021Dippy Concert

24/09/2021Principal’s Newsletter

20/09/2021Dates this term

17/09/2021Principal’s Newsletter

15/09/2021 Attendance and Legal Intervention (Sep 21)

10/09/2021Principal’s Newsletter

06/09/2021Principal’s Newsletter

September 2021Photo Consent Form

September 2021EYFS/KS1 ICT Agreement

September 2021KS2 ICT Agreement