#iWill Plastic Competition

7th May 2019

Children at Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy have been learning about the impact of plastic waste in our oceans as part of our social-action #iWill project.

Most recently, the concern around plastics entering the food chain have been explored. We have looked at scientific research in across Europe that seems to support the idea that plastic in the ocean is consumed by fish which, in turn, can be eaten by humans.

We have also looked at the action taken by fast-food restaurants to reduce the plastic waste that they produce. We explored media reports around McDonald’s decision to replace plastic drinking straws with paper versions.

Children have been given a challenge this half term to write about plastic used in the fast-food industry. They could produce a newspaper report, a fact sheet or a leaflet…or another format that can be used to raise awareness.

The graphic below may be useful for key facts:

(Click / tap the image to open full-size version.)

There are voucher prizes up for grabs to the value of £15 for the first prize, £10 for second place and £5 for third spot. Entries need to be handed into the academy office by end of school on Wednesday 22nd May 2019.

Good luck!

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