5 Good Things at Worlledge this Week

14th June 2019

Summer term countdown commences, less than 6 weeks to go! Summer term ends on Thursday 25th July 2019.

We hope that all Year 5’s and 6’s enjoyed their residential trip this year, ONE WHOLE WEEK of camping at Whitwell, with fun outdoor activities, campfire food and living in a tent! Some of the days and nights the weather was not on their side but all of the children enjoyed themselves and had a fantastic time!

Reception had a very special visitor on Monday this week, a beautiful owl and its owner came along to see the children. The children watched a short demonstration and then got to say hello in person, getting the opportunity to feel his lovely feathers. They followed up their amazing visit with some descriptive writing and beautiful drawing.

Many thanks to all of our pupils, parents and staff for helping us to raise money for Pyjamarama Day on 7th June, we managed to raise an amazing £253.65!

Year 6 went off to visit an author on Thursday this week, Francesca Armour-Chelu, who wrote the Butterfly Circus. Year 6 travelled via minibus to another local school, to listen to a short passage of her new book as well as participate in a workshop.

We have officially opened our new fitness playground equipment this week!

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