Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

We encourage positive learning behaviours such as being ready to learn, helping others, being creative and participating. We operate a marble system and pupils are recognised for their positive contributions to academy life and showing positive attitudes to work. We are learning all about having a growth mindset and in our classes mistakes are a good thing because we can learn from them.

A Typical Day in Year 3

Arrival and Registration

Children arrive in class at 9am. They hand in their homework diaries and reading record books. During registration, children will be set a morning challenge to complete.

9:10-10:10 English

During this time, children are provided with engaging lessons based on high-quality texts which are explored with the teacher. Modelled writing provides the children with examples for their own writing and highlight the features of text types, e.g. bossy (imperative) verbs in instruction writing. Texts are rich and varied. Pupils are well supported in class.

10:10 – 10.30am: Domain Reading

During this session children are taught the skills needed during reading. We learn about vocabulary inference, prediction,  explanation, retrieval and summarising (see the link below).

10.30 – 10.45am: Maths

During Maths lessons we use Effective Maths, a comprehensive framework to ensure high quality teaching of maths. (See below for the link to see what lesson slides look like). This teaches our children to really understand maths at a deep level. We learn the strategies and understanding of how numbers work at a deeper level so we can apply them to larger numbers and fractions as we progress.

We also learn times tables (you can support this at home through TTRockstars) and number bonds as well as other areas such as time, measure and problem solving.

10.45 – 11.00am: Break
11.00 – 12.00pm: Maths Continued

Children eat in the classroom. All children hand their money to the class teacher each morning.


Afternoon sessions are spent completing subjects such as science, music, French, physical education, geography, history, art, design technology, personal social health education and RE. PE days are Tuesday and Thursday when the children come in with their PE kit on.


In Year 3 children receive weekly spellings and a shorter homework task which will be either maths or English related. There is also a homework each week linked to the afternoon subjects. Pupils are expected to read a minimum of 5 nights each week for 10 minutes and have their homework diary signed.

Each half term the children have a short quiz to check their spellings and times tables.

Support Resources

Please look at the Curriculum for links to resources for each subject and to find out why each subject is so important for your child’s development. Knowledge organisers with facts we are learning are also on these pages.

Vipers: Effective Maths sample lessons: