Physical Education (PE)

Vision Statement

Here at Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy, we strive to provide our children with a broad, enriching and educational PE curriculum. We know that physical education is vital to our children’s overall development particularly where fitness, general health and mental health are concerned.

During the midst of the global pandemic, when our country was put into lockdown and normal life as we knew it, stopped, the one thing we were still permitted to do was exercise because our Government recognises and values the many vital and positive impacts physical exercise has on the  health and wellbeing of everyone.  

Skills and knowledge are key to teaching PE at Edward Worlledge. We understand that as well as keeping physically fit, children need the chance to explore and understand the human body including the vital organs and can explain the effects of exercise on our bodies. We actively encourage pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet through a cross-curricular approach.

At Edward Worlledge we enjoy the competitive nature of sport and encourage a sense of team spirit and team work, the importance of taking part, resilience and confidence; promoting the positive experiences of being physically active and applying skills learned in every aspect of their life.

We have an inclusive and equal opportunity approach and also offer enrichment clubs which cover a range of sports. They are popular and continue our ethos of encouraging positive self-esteem; attitudes and a can do mentality.

The Delivery

Here at Edward Worlledge, we have a varied curriculum and long-term plans which meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and supports children to get involved in opportunities of physical activity reflected in the local and national scene. All children at our Academy receive two hours of high-quality physical education each week which takes place either on our large playground, field or in the school hall. One session is specifically a PE skills session. All pupils have PE lessons taught by either their class teacher or a fully-qualified instructor.

Our PE curriculum is sequenced specifically to show progression throughout the years which enables children to develop confidently whilst building on prior experiences. Children start their year with a focus on Health and Fitness where they will learn about the human body, appropriate to their Key Stage and age as well as improving their fitness levels. We encourage our pupils to be imaginative, creative, rhythmic and artistic in their gymnastics and dance units over the winter months before embedding their team-building, competitive and tactical skills in their Games unit during spring term.  Summer term focuses on exploring a range of indoor and outdoor athletics skills as well as outdoor adventurous activities.

Every year, we provide our Year 5 pupils with swimming lessons with a fully-qualified swimming instructor where children successfully complete their 25 metre requirement.

Playtime is a great time to encourage our children to be fit and healthy. We have a well-staffed, well-resourced large playground with fitness equipment, a trim-trail and a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) where pupils enjoy playing football.

Early Years and Foundation Stage have access to a range of equipment including bikes and skipping ropes which develops essential skills needed for their next stage of development. The outdoor area encourages physical and coordination skills such as climbing and jumping. We are hoping to improve this facility in the next year and are using play and equipment specialists to ensure we provide the best resources and opportunity for our pupils.

Here at Edward Worlledge, we make the most of every second and every opportunity to develop the “whole” child and these skills support their learning and progress in every aspect of their life.

PE Curriculum