Parent Feedback

“I just want to thank all the teachers for doing their absolute best to provide our children with lessons on Teams. None of this is easy but my boys have benefited from seeing teachers faces at least once a day and it does make a difference to how they are feeling. I wanted to email to tell you how brilliant Miss Browne has been on the Teams sessions we’ve managed to participate in. The Wellbeing and Story time sessions are always excellent and get both my boys moving and thinking. She has seemed unfazed by the technical difficulties that inevitably arise and always shows a positive attitude  which I have found inspiring at a time when nobody is immune to the stressful nature of home learning. I think people are often quick to criticise but slow to praise and I think you should know we see you all doing your best for our children.”

Received 29/01/2021 – Year 1 Parent

“Thank you Miss Freestone and Miss Cox for giving my son a great start to Yr 4. I’m sorry he hasn’t been able to join many sessions online and there have been so many more technical issues but you have offered alternatives and been very supportive and we appreciate you!”

Received 29/01/2021 – Year 4 Parent