The idea behind our new class names!

23rd July 2019

When we decided that we needed to change the names of the classes at Edward Worlledge, we took inspiration from the path of the River Yare that flows right past the academy.

Just like children, a river starts of from small beginnings to develop into a strong and powerful force of nature ending at the sea. We took the path of  our town’s river from Norwich to Great Yarmouth and then assigned names of towns and villages along this route to classes.

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On our route map, above, there are some minor geographical anomalies for aesthetic reasons but the path of the river remains unaltered. Not only does the new naming system provide a more sensible approach to class names, it will also allow children to learn about an important part of local geography that has been instrumental in the history of our town.

Whilst our two Reception classes do not appear on the map, we are very excited by the names of those classes. From September 2019, Mrs Mayfield’s class will be called ‘Rise’ and Miss. Wright’s class will be called ‘Shine’ – we can’t think of more appropriate names to give to two of our most exciting classes!

Children will be back at the academy an in their new classes on Wednesday, 4th September, 2019 at 08:30.

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