Shakespeare Week

30th March 2017

The week commencing 20th March 2017 marked the annual celebration of our most famous playwright William Shakespeare. At Edward Worlledge various activities took place for pupils from Reception to Year 6. Children in Key Stage 1 and Early Years were introduced to some of his work through looking at illustrated stories, whilst pupils in KS2 focussed on well-known comedies and tragedies such as Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Pupils from Year 5 worked with Konflux Theatre to participate in workshops and put on their own mini production of Romeo & Juliet. Children in Year 3 created their own living ‘tempest’ through actions, sounds and words.

Some of our Year 6 Reader Leaders offered an art-based lunchtime session and pupils were invited to dress up as a character from a play. It was very clear from the comments heard around school that they pupils enjoyed the experience and accessed some difficult language and plot ideas. Through using drama as our key focus all pupils were able to show some understanding of the story and hopefully have had a really positive insight which will set them in good stead for future study at KS3 and 4.

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