OAT Virtual Sports Cup – Week 3

15th June 2020

Each week Ormiston Academies Trust will be sending through a list of sorting activities to complete, they will hold a leaderboard and update it as the weeks go on.

On a Friday, by midday, email Miss Goodwin on [email protected] or [email protected] with your name, class and how many times you have managed to complete the challenge.

The Challenge – #OATVSportsCup20 

Week 3 –  includes completion of ALL activities in either Variation A or B

Variation A (Mainstream)Variation B (SEND)
Arms outstretched, twist your upper body from side to side 30 secondsSeated and arms outstretched, twist your upper body from side to side 30 seconds
Lie on your back and lift your legs at a 90 degree angle, lift your hips, using our hands to support your bottom and  rotate your legs/pretend you are riding a bicycle for 1 minuteSeated, perform bicycle moves with your arms for 1 minute
Standing up and on the spot “Climb the rigging” for 30 secondsPerform arm moves of climb the rigging for 30 seconds
Pogo/jump up and down like a punk for 1 minuteSeated Punk moves for 1 minute

You can also get a family member to video you or take photos of you completing the challenges and send them in!

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