OAT Virtual Sports Cup – Week 2

8th June 2020

Each week Ormiston Academies Trust will be sending through a list of sorting activities to complete, they will hold a leaderboard and update it as the weeks go on.

On a Friday, by midday, email Miss Goodwin on [email protected] or [email protected] with your name, class and how many times you have managed to complete the challenge.

The Challenge – #OATVSportsCup20 

Week 2 –  includes completion of ALL activities in either Variation A or B

Variation A (Mainstream)Variation B (SEND)
Sit and reach for your toes, hold this pose for 1 minute Reach for your knees and hold for 1 minute
30 “Keepie uppies” 30 “Keepie uppies” with your hands
Lie on the floor and bring your knees to your chest, rock back and forth on your side for 1 minute Twist your upper body side to side For 1 minute
Dance the twist for 30 seconds Seated dance and twist for 30 seconds

You can also get a family member to video you or take photos of you completing the challenges and send them in!

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