Remote Learning

DFE Expectations and Remote Learning at Edward Worlledge

Remote Learning Booklet (sent via text link 08/01/2021)

Enrichment Booklet for Remote Learners

For guidance on children of Critical Workers and vulnerable children who can access school, please use this link

DfE – Parent’s Guidance

Norfolk Advice and Support

Remote learning refers to educational activities that have a variety of formats and methods, including online. There are a number of online options available for communicating with students, collecting assignments, and distributing education material.

Remote Learning will comprise of:
Lessons delivered live using Microsoft Teams or by a recorded / narrated PowerPoint with ‘live’ access to a teacher through Teams for questions at the time when they would usually have their lesson
Work set using Seesaw or DB Primary to cover appropriate curriculum time (mirroring ‘normal’ curriculum time, as much is possible) for that day/week, sub-divided into the appropriate number of lessons
Work set in line with agreed subject curriculum intent – we will continue to deliver the material the learners need to know but also check and support their understanding as we go along
Work set providing Core, Additional and Extension opportunities that are clearly set out to provide learners with opportunities to deepen their learning as well as to be clear on the key elements of what they need to do if they are struggling
Pastoral and Wellbeing support is available from class teachers, wellbeing activities, information in this guide and SENDCo for all learners. There will be a weekly assembly to bring the school together and reflect and learn about relevant and important topics.

On this page Parents and Carers will find resources in addition to what is given to your child by their teacher on a weekly basis.

Additional resources to extend the remote learning provision from the school :

  • Paper packs                                                               
  • Quizzes
  • Digital platform – Seesaw & DB Primary, Microsoft TEAMs
  • Presentations                                                             
  • Powerpoints
  • Videos                                                                        
  • Performance
  • TV programmes                                                         
  • Independent study
  • Books (hard or digital copy                                        
  • SumDog
  • Research                                                                   
  • TTRockstars
  • Projects                                                                      
  • myOn
  • Bug Club                                                                    
  • Lexia
  • Expresso
  • Live/recorded teaching

Microsoft Teams Tutorial – YouTube

DB Primary is Edward Worlledge OA’s chosen learning platform (also known as a Virtual Learning Environment) specifically designed for primary-aged children. Please click on the lick to see how to access DB Primary from home. EWOA-DBPrimary Introduction

Please click on the link to access parents and carers information leaflet. EWOA_DBprimary_information_leaflet


  • to keep your password a secret and not tell anyone.
  • to be kind to others and use kind words.
  • to tell a teacher or parents if someone is being unkind to you on the cloud.
  • to turn your screen off if you see anything that upsets you and report it to an adult.


  • Encourage your child\children to keep their password private.
  • Contact the Academy if you think someone else knows your child\ children’s password.
  • Encourage your child\children to be responsible users of the Learning Cloud and to use appropriate language when he/she adds items or sends emails.
  • Encourage your child to check with you whether they can use the internet.
  • Ensure your child\children knows to either tell you or staff members if they see or read inappropriate material on the internet.
  • Access to the learning Cloud is provided by the Academy, as are all other online learning platforms (e.g. Myon, TTRockstars etc), and all users must adhere to the Academy’s Internet User Agreement .
  • KS1 Acceptable Use Agreement
  • KS2 Acceptable Use Agreement










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