Year 6

A Typical day in Year 6

8.45am-9.00am: Arrival and Registration

Children arrive in class. When registered, pupils are encouraged to ‘check in’ with their class teacher and talk about how they are feeling as they prepare to start the day.

9.00am – 9.30am:Whole Academy Assembly
9.30am – 10.30am: Maths

Pupils work on their Arithmetic skills, with a particular focus on formal methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is also a perfect opportunity for other important skills to be practised, such as: Doubling; halving; finding fractions and percentages of a number; tables practice, etc. This session is fun and practical and aims to help children make links between their number facts as well as work on speed of recall.


Children in Year 6 are taught in three maths sets to enable pupils to work at an appropriate pace to their ability. This session looks at the number system and the links between different aspects of maths. We look closely at how methods work and why they are applied. Year 6 pupils are very positive about maths lessons and enjoy the challenges of applying their skills.

10.30am– 10.45am: Break

Pupils can purchase something from the dining hall. This is a useful time for the children to socialise and take a break from the classroom environment. During this time staff, also offer time to support pupils with homework and reading.


10.45am – 11.45am: Literacy/Spag

Spag – Pupils spend time playing games, based on new skills required for the end of Key stage expectations in writing.

Each term pupils will write in a variety of genres and are expected to apply the skills acquired in the daily grammar sessions. We also study a range of texts, which are used to aid comprehension of different styles of writing. This also enables pupils to experience higher level questioning which they will experience in their end of key stage tests.

11.45am – 12.10pm: Reading
12.10pm – 1.00pm: Lunch

These sessions run from 1.30-3.00pm and cover: games, topic (history & geography); science; French; drama; art and design technology. Pupils are mostly taught by the class teacher but are also taught by other staff that are able to share their expertise and skills in specialist subjects.


In Year 6 children receive maths and spellings homework once a week. During each term we aim to set a project style homework, which links to our cross-curricular work. In the Summer Term pupils will receive homework which is more in the style of that they will receive at Key Stage 3. This is aimed at helping them to prepare more fully for transition to High schools.


Pupils in Year 6 have the additional responsibility of being a House or Vice- Captain. These pupils are elected by the academy staff, who consider their positive attributes and skills, reflecting on their ability to represent the academy and encourage others in their team. Supporters also play an important role in helping members of staff throughout the academy including: those in the Academy Office; senior staff and representing the whole academy in Harvest, Christmas and End of Year Events.