Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

We encourage positive learning behaviours such as being ready to learn, helping others, being creative and participating. We operate a marble system and pupils are recognised for their positive contributions to academy life and showing positive attitudes to work. We are learning all about having a growth mindset and in our classes mistakes are a good thing because we can learn from them.

A Typical Day in Year 3

Arrival and Registration

Children arrive in class at 8:45am. They hand in their homework diaries and reading record books. During registration, children will be set a morning challenge to complete.

9:10-10:10 Maths

Children are taught maths every morning.  Children practise their mental calculation skills including multiplication tables, doubling, halving and number bonds. Children have access to resources to assist their learning as well as taking part in ‘brain busting’ challenges.  Children are supported well and given feedback during each lesson.

10:10 – 10.30am: Accelerated Reader

During this session, the class are given their accelerated reader book.  Children are tested on laptops if they have finished a book and are also given the chance to change their books.  This is also an opportunity for teaching staff to read with children individually.

10.30 – 10.45am: Break time
10.45 – 12.10pm: English

During this time, children work on domain reading, spelling and grammar.  Our writing part of the lesson comes after reading and so children are given model texts to support their understanding of the genre we are learning about.  Texts are rich and varied.  Pupils are well supported in class.


Children eat in the main hall. All children hand their money to the class teacher each morning.


Afternoon sessions are generally spent completing foundation subjects such as science, music, French, PE and topic (geography, history, art and DT linked).


In Year 3 children receive weekly spellings and a shorter homework task which will be either maths or English related. Pupils are expected to read a minimum of 5 nights each week for 10 minutes and have their homework diary signed.

The children will also receive a Home-Learning Challenge (which is linked to a subject being covered at the academy) each holiday. For this, we encourage the children to be creative and for members of the family to join in with this process.