Pastoral Care

Our Head of Pastoral Care is Mrs Harvey and she is available every day from 9:00am till 3:15pm and can be contacted at the academy by telephoning 01493 603462.

Student Voice

The student voice is the thoughts, views and opinions of students on an educational journey. “Student voice is giving students the ability to influence learning to include policies, programs, contexts and principles.” 

 At Edward Worlledge the voice of the child is extremely important. 

We have several opportunities for pupils to be part of the student voice. 

  • When students reach year 6 they can become Head boy/girl, be a Senior Prefect or a Prefect. These pupils are responsible for meeting with visitors, giving academy tours, interviewing new staff, speaking to children in other year groups and promoting the academy rules.
  • In year 5 we have Peer Mentors who support children in other year groups with learning and Kindness Ambassadors who can be found out on the playground to support with friendships and playing games.
  • Each class from each year group will have a School Council member who will take class ideas and issues to the monthly meetings to support change in the academy where it is felt it is needed.  

Each of these groups are line managed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. The children where a badge so they are recognised by all the students in the academy. 

The academy will run debate and voting systems when decisions need to be made about the academy to get Student Voice. For example, the academy had some money to spend on the playground area and the children were given 3 options and took part in vote to decide which equipment they would like to see the most. 

Surveys are often used to understand viewpoints of the pupils. 

Pupil support 

  •  All staff have an open-door policy for children to come and discuss concerns/or celebrate achievements.
  • Each class has a worry box for those children who would prefer to write down their worries and this will be followed up by staff. Children can also push the BIG RED BUTTON on the website home page to report any concerns as well.
  • ThAcademy currently has a counsellor who visits the academy once a week and holds sessions with pupils on a ne to one basis
  • The Academy offers small group support for issues such as anxiety, anger management and social skills.
  • The academy has 2 trained members of staff who offer Drawing and Talking programme.