Lunch Menu

Children in Years Reception, 1 and 2 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals – this means that up until the end of Year 2 they will receive their school meal for free.

Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will need to pay for their academy meals, costing £2.30, unless they are entitled to FSM. For more information on FSM and whether your child could be entitled please contact the academy office or visit

Edwards & Blake – our Catering Provider

The fact is, food influences the performance of both the body and the brain, particularly in the case of children. Which only underlines the importance of providing them with optimal nourishment.

It’s why we only source produce from local suppliers, mostly within a fifty-mile radius. We like to know precisely where our meat, milk, eggs and our fresh fruit and vegetables are raised and grown. So do our customers. For this reason we get to know our suppliers and they get to know us. Which is why only the highest quality, seasonal produce makes it to our kitchens.

It’s our passion for only the best that takes those ingredients, adds a pinch of love and lashings of inspiration, expertise and experience and turns them into dishes we’re proud to call our own.

Current dinner menu – Sep till Easter 2022

New menu will start after the Easter holidays, your child will come home with a printed copy beforehand – Easter till Summer 2022

Pupils are encouraged to pick their own dinner from the options available – main, vegetarian, jacket potato or school packed.

If your child has any dietary or medical requirements you will need to read and complete the following forms (hard copies available from the academy office)

Please be aware we are a nut free Academy – this includes peanut butter, Nutella (and other nut based chocolate spreads). If unsure always read the label.