How can I help my child?

We would like to thank parents for their continued support, we understand that this second national lockdown is a very difficult and frustrating time for many but the supportive messages we have received at the academy are simply amazing!

“Firstly, can I say how well I think that the online sessions are going each morning, a few technical issues here and there but overall a great job. Certainly, from my perspective I think it makes the children feel less alone and brings them together for a short time. C says it makes her feel better just by being able to see you and some of her classmates. I thank you for all your hard work, I can only assume these times are tough”

Email from a Year 2 Parent received 13/01/2021


“I would like to inform you that my eldest daughter’s school, Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy, Great Yarmouth, should be commended for their swift action and communication under extremely stressful circumstances; done so with very little guidance .

Edward Worlledge have offered places for Key Worker and vulnerable children, been swift on switching to remote learning and communication has been clear. All of the staff should be commended for the hard work they are doing. The work set is well planned and in line with the curriculum”.

Email from a Year 4 Parent received 08/01/2021

“Hello all, I wanted to send a little email to say thank you for all you have done this last year. No one expected to be in this situation and yet the staff at EWOA has been brilliant and managed to keep my daughter learning in and out of the class room. In November I had to self-isolate for surgery and we received school work through the post. The note inside said if we needed any help or more work just to call and more could be sent out. The very last minute decision to close all schools this year and the staff has managed to get work online for her to continue to learn. She told me that her teacher gave her her log in details before the Christmas half term, so thank you for that as that saved us time trying to get them again…… it’s important to remember we are all in this situation. No amount of stress will make this any easier. So a big thank you for all you have done this last year and thank you for continuing your support”. 

Email from a Year 5 Parent received 08/01/2021

Click on the following links to download resources to help your child to learn.

Reading at Home and at the Academy

Each Year Group has a policy on how long your child should read for each day – this varies dependent on the age of the child. Please encourage your child to read……they could read anything!

This doesn’t just mean sitting down and reading a good book, this could be reading from a shopping list, reading road signs or food labels – all of these things will help your child with their reading.