Every good activity must start with a warm-up and the Year 6 children certainly enjoyed their circuit warm up this week!

Invasion Games Lower School Upper School
School Focus

Lower School

  • Football
  • Tag Rugby

Upper School

  • Football
  • Netball
  • Tchoukball
  • I can stop/catch a ball with control
  • I can send a ball in the direction of another person
  • I can talk about exercising, safety and short-term effects of exercise
  • I can control and catch a ball with movement
  • I can pass a ball to someone else
  • I can take part in opposed condition games
  • I understand about exercising, safety and short term effects of exercise
  • I can control and catch a ball, and accurately pass whilst moving
  • I can accurately pass to someone else
  • I can move with the ball
  • I can talk about reasons for warming up/why exercise is good for health
  • I can control movement with a ball in opposed situation, whilst moving
  • I can combine accurate passing skills/techniques in game
  • I can advise and help others in their techniques in game
  • I understand and can explain short term effects of exercise, warming, cooling
  • I understand and can explain long term effects of exercise


Dance Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Year 3
Dancing for fun

Year 4
Dancing for health

Year 5
Tudor Dancing

Year 6
WWI linked dancing

  • I can perform with control and co-ordination
  • I can respond imaginatively to a variety of stimuli
  • I can vary dynamics, levels, speed and direction
  • I can discuss my own and others’ performance with simple vocabulary. I understand the need for warm-up and cool down
  • I can improvise freely on my own and with a partner
  • I can translate ideas from a variety of stimuli into movement
  • I can compare, develop and adapt movement and motifs to create longer dances
  • I can use dance vocabulary to compare and improve my work
  • I understand working safely. I recognise changes in my body and I can give reasons why PE is good for my health
  • I can demonstrate precision, control and fluency in response to stimuli
  • I can vary dynamics and develop actions with a partner or as part of a group
  • I continually demonstrate rhythm and spatial awareness
  • I can modify my performance and that of others, as a result of observation and basic understanding of the structure of the body
  • I can perform and create a variety of dance styles with accuracy and consistency
  • I can select and use a wide range of skills to demonstrate ideas
  • I can suggest ways to improve quality of performance showing sound knowledge and understanding
  • I can lead my own warm-up and demonstrate all-round safe practice


Upper school dancercise