Enrichment Clubs

Clubs are booked each term using an online booking system, clubs change termly.

Text messages have been sent out notifying you as to whether your child has/has not been allocated a place at the clubs you applied for.

We are asking for a nominal fee of £1.00 for each club that your child attends – this terms selection of clubs includes a variety for both EYFS, KS1 and KS2………

Popstar Club, Film Club, Cookery Club, Bet you can’t Club, Running Club, Arts and Crafts Club and Dance Funk – just to name a few!


Care Club

A letter was sent out previous to Christmas stating the changes that would be put in place for Care Club (as of January 2019) (see Academy letters page).

Care Club is now booked on a 24 hours in advance system, on which payment must be provided at the time of booking. Care Club costs £2.50 per hour per child and runs from 3:00pm till 5:00pm.

Numbers in this club have also been limited to 15 spaces per hour which is linked with the staffing we have available at this present time.