Meet the Team

We have a large team of staff, with a wide range of skills and expertise to enhance and support teaching and learning at Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy.

Senior Leadership Team

Ms S Siva

Ms M Warner

Ms H Elvin

Mrs J Harvey

Miss M Connor

Interim Principal

Vice Principal

Assistant Principal

DSL/ Attendance Lead







Teaching Staff

  • Miss C Wright: Reception teacher
  • Mrs C Mayfield: Reception teacher / EYFS Lead
  • Miss F Browne: Year 1 teacher
  • Miss H Elvin: Year 1 teacher / Assistant Principal
  • Miss C Mills: Year 1 Instructor
  • Miss H Goodwin: Year 2 teacher
  • Miss D Grant: Year 2 teacher
  • Mrs C Ward: Year 3 teacher
  • Mr C Martin: Year 3 teacher
  • Miss S Freestone: Year 4 teacher
  • Mrs D Keighley: Year 4 teacher
  • Mr J Stanhope-Smith: Year 5 teacher
  • Miss E Newman: Year 5 teacher
  • Mrs K Stebbings: Year 6 teacher / Literacy Lead
  • Mr S Arlow: Year 6 teacher / Maths Lead 
  • Miss M Grimes: PE Instructor

Secretarial Staff

  • Mrs D Derbyshire (Clerical Assistant)
  • Mrs S Gibbs (Clerical Assistant)
  • Mrs S Hircock (School Support Manager)
  • Miss E Napthine (Office Manager)


  • Mrs M Peart

Teaching Assistants:

  • Mrs M Adams
  • Miss E Allard
  • Mr P Atherton
  • Miss K Barber
  • Mrs L Boulton
  • Mrs P Branch
  • Miss N Caffell
  • Mrs D Casey
  • Miss J Casey
  • Miss M Emblem
  • Miss C Faraday-Drake
  • Mrs C Faraday Drake
  • Miss C Farrell
  • Miss E Hare
  • Miss M Harvey
  • Miss L Holliday
  • Mrs L Jowett
  • Mrs M Kelf
  • Mrs A Khalid
  • Ms J Marshall
  • Miss M Seville
  • Miss S Sharman
  • Mrs J Thompson
  • Miss K Webb
  • Miss A Williams

Caretaking and Cleaning Staff:

  • Miss G Fiske (Site Manager)
  • Mrs J Dakin
  • Mr B Dakin (Assistant Caretaker)
  • Mr J Robinson
  • Mrs C Harris
  • Mrs D Brennan

Midday Supervisors:

  • Mrs  R Middleton
  • Mrs S Taylor