Meet the Governors

Robert Bond – Chair of Governors

I have spent all of my working life in education, including 21 years in Great Yarmouth secondary schools. For 18 years I was a secondary head in three different schools and then another 6 years as Senior Adviser for Norfolk Local Authority. I have been an Edward Worlledge governor since 2001. This is an amazing academy where the well-being and education of each pupil is our primary concern.

Harry Hamilton – Local Authority Governor

I have been lucky enough to be involved in education now for nearly 40 years. I was born and grew up locally and attended Edward Worlledge back in the 1960’s and as such I gain a great deal of fulfilment and satisfaction at the chance to give a little back by working as a governor. I spent 36 years teaching in the Further and Higher sector before finally retiring as a Head of Department. Working as a governor these last 4 years has allowed me to use and broaden my knowledge within education to support, challenge and help Edward Worlledge.

Mark Thompson – Principal

I have been working in education locally for twenty years. I have taught at Further, Secondary and Primary levels of education and as such have a firm understanding of the importance of the progress that children need to make at all stages of their education.

My motivation is for all children to be successful in their education so that they can mature into happy, creative and aspirational adults who are ready to be the best in the world!


Sarah Taylor – Parent Governor

I have been a parent governor for 4 years and all of my children have or are attending Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy. I look forward to continuing to use my own experiences to support and challenge Edward Worlledge.

Kerri Stebbings – Teaching Staff Governor

I have been working at Edward Worlledge for 15 years, throughout that time I have watched the school go through many changes. I feel extremely privileged to be part of the Governing Body as it enables me to represent the teaching staff so that changes which will benefit the children can be put forward. It also gives me the opportunity to be involved in the exciting challenges as we move forward as a newly formed academy.

Emma Storey – Community Governor

I have been a police constable for over twenty years and a school governor for five years. I am very enthusiastic about education and the role it plays in developing our children for the future.

Claire Wadham – Community Governor

For the past 9 years I have been a governor at Edward Worlledge. My career has been in education, working with children with more challenging needs. I hope to use the experience and knowledge I have gained over my years working in education to support Edward Worlledge while they continue to develop as a newly formed academy.

Donna Derbyshire – Parent Govenor

I am new to the Governing Body at Edward Worlledge, I have previous experience as a governor in another school. I like to get involved in my local community and I am passionate about trying to make a difference. I strongly believe in creating aspiration for children through giving them opportunities – vital to helping children grow, they are the future.

Joanne Harvey – Non-Teaching Staff Governor

I have worked at Edward Worlledge for over 10 years, I have a degree in Integrated Working and Inclusive Practice. I am passionate about providing the best possible opportunities for the children who attend Edward Worlledge.

Margaret Lawrence – Community Governor

I worked most of my working life in local schools. Firstly an infant school, and in a nursery class, and then in an administrative capacity at a local junior school where I stayed for 35 years! I loved my job and enjoyed working with the children. I have lived in Great Yarmouth for all my life, where I have raised my two sons. Since my retirement I have continued to be involved with school life as a governor, a position which I thoroughly enjoy.

Tamsin Poulter – OAT Governor

I am currently Principal of Cliff Park Ormiston Academy in Gorleston. This has given me first-hand experience of the importance of creating a school culture focused on excellence and I am totally committed to improving the life chances of young people in the Great Yarmouth area. In addition to having a real passion for teaching and learning, my educational background is in interrogating data to develop curriculum models and to ensure that school improvement planning is sharply focused on giving students the best chances and opportunities in life.